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China Fruit Vegetabe Medicine High to Medium Temperature Air Cooling Scroll Compressor Refrigeration Air Compressor for Cold Storage Room air compressor repair near me

Product Description

Advantages for our condensing unit 
one. The equipment for the unit include liquid receiver, strain gage, stress controller, sight glass, filter junction box, etc.


2. The copper tube of air cooled Condensing units get through the 2.6Mpa stress check, meet up with the ask for of regular operate. 
three.Every single element of units is greatest in corrosion safety.


4. Air cooled condensing unit refrigerating potential ranks from .2KW to 29KW. evaporating temperature:-45ºC-+15°C, run regular beneath the ambient temperature +43ºC.

5. Correct framework, exact and reliable operating method for the air cooled condensing device. 6. Use the large performance and big air quantity axial fan, with low sound and power conserving.

ApplicationHotels, hospitals, blood banking companies, poultry slaughter and processing, CZPT and processing, mushroom cultivation, 
agricultural item processing, dairy production, pharmaceutical processing and logistics, beverage manufacturing and processing, 
beer manufacturing and cooling, big-scale logistics storage, chemical item cooling, leather producing, injection molding, 
device cooling, metal cooling, ommunication gear, ship producing and a lot more.

Ideal Temperature for Numerous Goods
Temperature Condensing Device Kind Ideal Items
-5°C ~ +5°C Single stage piston/scroll/
screw compressor condensing device
Vegetables, Fruit, Drink,
Beer, Medications, Vaccine…
-15°C ~ -25°C Single phase piston/scroll/
screw compressor condensing unit
Meat, Fish, Medications,
Seafoods, Ice Cream…
-30°C ~ -40°C 2-stage piston/screw 
compressor condensing device
Meat, Fish, Blood…
-45°C ~ -70°C Cascade condensing device Tuna, Vaccine…

Solution Requirements

1 Product identify Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Warmth Exchanger
two Refrigerant R22,R407etc.
3 Voltage AC220v/380v/personalized ,50Hz/60Hz
4 chilly space temperature -25~45ºC
5 Selection of evaporating temperature -30~50ºC
6 Warranty one Year
7 Composition Compressor, crankcase heater, oil strain protection swap, air-cooled condenser, receiving tank, drier-filter, meter panel,
force controller, refrigeration oil, protection gasoline, double stage compressor with intermediate cooler

one. Why do we insist unique new compressor?
Only unique manufacturer new compressor can have the greatest good quality & substantial effectiveness. So you preserve money on electrical invoice and servicing expense.

two. Why same HP compressors have large price variation?
Even identical horse electricity compressor condensing unit, the compressor have different styles, so the cooling capacities are diverse. Also their condensers are various. So cooling ability bigger, cost higher.

3. Can refrigeration models be customized?
Of course. We have knowledgeable technicians and specialist team can help customization. But we have many versions for you to decide on, better decide on them due to the fact the shipping and delivery time is much shorter.

4. How numerous types of compressors?
Semi-hermetic(ECOLINE collection),Two phases semi-hermetic, Semi-hermetic screw compressor, Hermetic screw compressor.

After-sales Service: 1 Year
Warranty: 3-5 Year
Principle: Mixed-Flow Compressor
Application: Intermediate Back Pressure Type, High Back Pressure Type
Performance: Low Noise, Variable Frequency, Explosion-Proof
Mute: Mute
US$ 200/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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